Private Sessions

Rehabilitation Private Session

The rehabilitation program is an integrated modified STOTT PILATES exercises for injury prevention (pre or postoperative) and rehabilitation of specific diagnosed condition. The specialist instructors for the rehabilitation program are specifically licensed health care professionals. Instructors have a systematic movement-based approach to neuromuscular re-education & they observe and understand optimal and non-optimal movement strategies and how these strategies correlate with pain and pathology.


Private Session


The most effective way to focus on your own personal needs and maximize your time working on strength, flexibility, coordination, posture, balance and breathing.
Learn and understand the various Pilates movements, while teaching you how to apply them to your body.


Pre/Post Natal  Private Session


This specialized class caters pre and post natal clients in their first, second, third trimester and after giving birth. This intimate Pilates-Inspired class focuses on maintaining good posture, muscle tone and overall mobility throughout and after pregnancy.